What is a Functional Nutrition Professional?

Functional nutrition professionals promote wellness by focusing on the body as a whole. They are trained to assess the underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction in the body related to nutritional status; such as stress, toxins, genetic make-up, inflammation, immune response, energy production, digestion, elimination and the regulation of hormones. The functional nutrition professional becomes your partner in achieving health goals, empowering you to take control of your own health and body. 

Can you help me? 

You will be provided with the tools and information needed to improve health through nutrition. There is an abundance of research available today on the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyles and the impact it can have on improving health and many chronic illnesses. Ultimately, making the necessary changes is up to the individual. Sasha will provide the guidance and tools, but you will need to do the work. 

Can you be my primary health care provider?

No. Sasha Campbell has extensive training in nutrition and Functional Medicine that allow her to practice in these areas. Sasha is not a medical doctor and cannot provide advice or services specific to this aspect of medicine. She can provide referrals to health care providers if required. 

Do I have to see you in person for the consultation?

No, Sasha has worked with clients across the country due to the highly specialized field of Functional Medicine and nutrition and she will provide a secure online platform to provide live video chat or telehealth appointments.

What if I need testing and my doctor will not order it? 

A limited number of tests are recommended by Vital Fx Nutrition. Sasha has found lab tests to be optimal to confirm a condition or to dig deeper, but not necessary for most treatment plans as she is highly skilled in utilizing symptomology to design custom therapy. Medical labs are helpful, but not a necessity.

Why do I have to pay for my initial consultation in advance?

Sasha will be spending a substantial amount of time reviewing your labs/tests and highly detailed intake paperwork prior to your initial consultation. This insures that you are committed to the consultation and value the time Sasha will be spending to develop your customized plan which begins prior to your first appointment. 

Is a pre-paid plan or package required for all clients?

No, but it is highly recommended. Change in lifestyle requires time and often involves a lot of questions along with the need for support. Planning for multiple visits will allow for us to spend the needed time answering questions and monitoring your progress. We are also able to make necessary adjustments/modifications in your plan to allow maximum healing to occur. Additionally, the pre-paid plans and packages provide financial savings over the course of time as well as discounts on supplements. 

Do you recommend supplements? 

Yes, most of the time nutritional supplements are a part of your plan. The average person is nutritionally deficient. In order to achieve your health goals, the insufficiencies or deficiencies will need to be corrected. This process is difficult to obtain with diet alone until you have achieved optimal health. 

How much do supplements cost? 

Since each plan is individualized, an exact cost is not known. We provide a discount on all professional supplements suggested for those in the pre-paid plan, providing a lower cost than what you would find if you were to search for these products on your own.