Clear and Lean: 8-Week Weight Loss and Personal Renewal Challenge
to Mar 21

Clear and Lean: 8-Week Weight Loss and Personal Renewal Challenge

Are you ready for a full-spectrum life reset?

Join Clear and Lean: Weight Loss and Personal Renewal Challenge and see how much your life and body can transform in 8 weeks! Each week has been designed to specifically support losing fat and clearing your mind to bring optimal health and emotional well-being.

Plus, there is extra incentive to clear out your body and mind: PRIZES!!!! **

First place prize package:  1-month Transformation package from Vital Fx Nutrition ($325 value) | 2nd place prize package: Designs for Health protein powder + Infrared Sauna Package from The Massage Nook ($205 value)| 3rd place prize package: Specialty Facial from The Massage Nook ($85 value) 

All participants will receive 10% off medical grade supplements from Vital Fx Nutrition during the challenge. 


Intro Week: Detoxify | Initial weigh-in | Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Your body needs to be clear before it can be lean. You will receive all start-up materials (including food plan, shopping guide + more) at week 1, be weighed and measured and be given a participant form to complete. You will also have the option when registering to add nutrition counseling and/or 10-day medical detox support to supercharge your weight loss efforts. Weigh-ins are walk-in based.

You may come into the office anytime between 12pm-2:00pm and 5pm-7pm on weigh-in days. Vital Fx Nutrition is located at: 1010 9th St Suite #15 in Rapid City, SD  (2nd level to the right of the staircase). First weigh-in is Wednesday, January 24 and Wednesdays thereafter until the final weigh-in Week on Wednesday, March 21.

Week 1: Let it Go | Weigh-in 2 | Wednesday, January 31

Detox diet continues with the theme of 'letting go". This will be the focus of the personal renewal work this week as well. Exercise suggestions will focus on slower yin-style practices to lower inflammation and prepare the body for weight loss. 

Week 2: Calm | Weigh-in 3 | Wednesday, February 7

This week, we will add in anti-inflammatory foods to cool the fire in the body. We will also discuss how essential oils can aid in calming the nervous system. 

Week 3: Nourish | Weigh-in 4 | Wednesday, February 14

Personal work will focus on "preparing the soil". Now that your body/mind has been cleansed and calmed, how can we nourish it for maximum weight loss and renewal? Adding in aerobics and/or other moderate impact exercises would be appropriate here.

Week 4: Metabolize | Weigh-in 5 | Wednesday, February 21

You will be supplied with information on metabolic boosters to rev up your fat burning potential.

Week 5: Fire it Up | Weigh-in 6 | Wednesday, February 28

Personal work will focus on how we can add more passion and fire into our lives. HIgher intensity workouts like HIIT or CrossFit may be added at this time if desired.

Weeks 6 + 7: Let it Flow | Weigh-ins 7 & 8 | Wednesday, March 7 & 14

During these 2 weeks, we will take everything we have learned so far to see how easy it is to go with the flow when you have the right tools/practices in place.

Week 8: The Moment of Truth | Final Weigh-in | Wednesday, March 21

Last weigh-in and reflections. You made it! Prizes will be announced. 


1) All weigh-ins must take place on Wednesdays at Vital Fx Nutrition: 1010 9th St | Suite 15 | Rapid City, SD 57701. No appointments are necessary, you can simply walk in, get weighed and recorded.

2) Online participants will be required to film a video weigh-in from a health club or other location with an accurate medical scale. Online video weigh-ins must be submitted by Wednesdays at 5 pm each week of the challenge.

3) All participants must complete all required program materials and weigh-ins by due dates to be eligible for prizes.

4) Weigh-ins will be determined by the percentage of weight loss (like they do it on the Biggest Loser) because otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair or cool. Largest overall percentages of weight loss in addition to other requirements by the end date of March 4, 2018, will determine the top 3 prize winners.

5) All potential participants must register and pay the registration fee online to participate in the challenge and be eligible for prizes.

6) Once you are registered and paid, an invite will be sent to you prior to the challenge start date of January 24 to join the Clear and Lean private Facebook group. Participation in this group is mandatory to be eligible for prizes, plus it will be tons of fun and support you on your weight loss journey! We would like to assume that everyone will be on their best behavior in the Facebook group, but in case it does need to be said; Be kind and considerate to fellow participants. Unruly behavior will result in elimination from the group with no refund. Thank you. 

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